Stylecuts and Restyles

All of our stylecuts include a wash and a blowdry. This not only ensures you leave looking and feeling your best but helps your stylist to the best job possible. By washing your hair and completing the foundation of the cut wet, your stylist can do a much more precise cut. The blowdry best fisishes the hair to your desired look and therefore ensures that we can personalise and refine your haircut appropriately.

Blowdrys and Styling

We are experts in styling and have the tools, skill and know how to create your favourite look! Weather it is a night out, a weekly blowdry or a special event; we cater for all styling and event needs.

Hair Ups

We offer hair up and braiding services for your special event. We are trained in modern and traditional looks and offer trial services for those who would like that little bit of reassurance. Prior to booking your Hair Up we have a few recommendations: when making your booking have a discussion with the stylist or reception staff about your desired look. This ensures the stylist has all equipment or accessories required. Second, ensure your hair is washed and dried the day before and clean on the day of your appointment. Having hair washed the day before ensures it is still clean but some natural oils will help hold the structure of the style and make the hair easier to work with.

Fashion Colours

Our Fashion Colours are our global colours. Root only applications or full coverage applications; our global colours are permanent or demi permanent tints that can change tone, cover white hair, darken and in some cases – lighten hair.


We offer a wide range of options in terms of foiling technique, coverage and placement to ensure we achieve your desired look. We also offer an array of colouring products to best suit your hair.


Our balayage services refer to the colouring and lighten of the ends of the hair and blend through the mid-lengths. We offer a wide range of options in terms of foiling techniques, freehand techniques and placement to ensure we achieve your desired look. 


Gent’s Cuts – All gent’s stylecuts include a wash, dry-off and finishing style. We offer clipper, fade and scissor techniques to give you the sharpest and most current look.

Gent’s Maintenance Cuts – For those fellas who come in for a tidy up within a 3 week period we offer a maintenance service to keep you looking fresh. The same level of care and precision is taken, including a shampoo but in an express time slot for those busy blokes.

The Package – We offer a beard trim service with a haircut for those burley blokes who need to keep their beard shaped and styled.

Camo Colours – An express colour service that is designed to camouflage grey hair, not blanket cover them. This makes for a discrete colour that fades as it wears. No regrowth! No one needs to know…


Kids Services

StyleCuts – All of our kid cuts include a wash and dry off to make your lives easier but also to ensure we do the best job! Our cuts are categorised into Pre-School, Primary School and Secondary School to keep things simple and allocate the appropriate amount of time.

Styling and Blowdries are also available to those who would like them.